Funeral Home Obituaries

Obituary Software for Funeral Homes

Simply put, with the push of a button you can send an obituary to multiple newspapers and to your hosted obituary website. It's that easy!

Hosted Online Obituaries

Branded with your logo and color matched to your website. Your families will enjoy the class and dignity of a well formed remembrance website where they can easily add remembrances and photos. The obituary and online remembrance website is automatically created through your OBITHUB™ account. No technical training needed. You'll actually be amazed at just how easy it is.

Want to see for yourself? Here are some of our customers obituary websites: Integrity Funeral Care (Houston, TX.), Teolis Funeral Home (Ellwood City, PA.), and May Funeral Homes (Camden, NJ.).

Include a Video

Many funeral homes create a video slideshow of photographs and music for their families. Now you can upload that video to the memorial web page and give your families something they can continue to enjoy for years to come. Why pay an outside vendor for something you can easily do yourself with your OBITHUB™ account?

Social Networking

Put the power of social networking to work for you. Each online obituary comes with one-button access to Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Visitors simply click on the icon, and a link to the obituary is automatically posted to their desired social network website.

Setup Your Account Today

Call 724-333-0999 and setup your OBITHUB™ Account right now. It only takes a few minutes. There are no contracts, only a very affordable monthly fee.